5 Ways With Greys

2016 is all about the grey. What you might have thought of as a dull and boring colour can actually transform a room. Different shades of grey can be used to warm rooms or as an accent colour. Take a look at the following examples from our portfolio of how grey can be used in the home to create very different effects.

  1. In the bathroom


Grey mosaic tiles combined with wood effect bathroom furniture with a grey hue.

2. In the bedroom


These sumptuous silver-grey curtains add luxury as they fall to rest on the bedroom floor.

3. In the lounge


With high ceilings and lots of space, bold dark grey is the ideal additive to this airy living room.

4. On a feature wall


Two shades of grey and a subtle pattern create interest in this stylish bedroom.

5. In the kitchen


A light grey shaker style island works wonderfully in combination with the snowy kitchen cupboards and dark grey walls.

Grey is a versatile and popular colour in the home environment. In its various shades is can be warming or bold, used as a base or an accent. Talk to the team at Hannah Barnes Designs for further information on how you could use grey in your home.