How To Work Desk Space Into Your Room

It’s something of a conundrum – you require a home for the computer but it needs to work well in your living environment. Your home workspace and computer desk need to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Quite simply, any old computer desk just won’t do.

Take a look below at some inspired desk designs to help give you an idea of ways we can help you work your desk into your home.


The above desk is a great example of how interest can be added to a room while continuing to work with the design themes. The slatted wooden table bases look stunning combined with the wooden floor. And the colour palette of white is continued from top to toe. Green accents used to highlight the accessories and also featured on the inside of the fire recess to add vibrancy in this fresh, yet still homely home.


This next desk speaks of power and strength in a room which clearly combines both work and health. The shelving unit allows gym life to be separated slightly from work life, despite occupying the same space. And the skyline wall mural gives the impression of being on top of the world. In this case the desk itself is relatively straightforward, but the interest lies in the angle. Perpendicular doesn’t always equal perfection.


Desks feature in all spaces – but the bedroom is a common location, particularly in homes where high school, college or university students dwell. This small desk offers a separate study space in the bedroom environment, showing that rooms of any size can become places from both work and rest.

Talk to the team at Hannah Barnes designs to discuss any of the workplace set ups in this article and how we could fit desk space into your home.