Vibrant Wall Colour Without Committing To Paint


Choosing the right colour paint for any room can be an arduous process. How many times have you seen couples in hardware stores arguing over whether that’s exactly the right shade of magenta/ cerulean/ mint/ etc? Choosing a wall colour for your room is a real commitment because it affects the decision-making process for every other item in the room. Getting it wrong can mean living with a space you’re not 100% happy with, which is deeply annoying.

Recently, trends in interior design have leant towards neutrals for walls. Ivories, bright whites, and subtle greys have been top of the list, and this is great, simply because when you choose a neutral wall colour it’s much more difficult to get the rest of your furnishings very, very wrong. But yes, white walls can seem cold, and beige is boring, and you might find yourself longing for a splash of colour in a space that can become quite clinical-feeling, so what’s the alternative?

LED lights.

We recently worked with a couple in Wilmslow to help them create a stunning new living room, having previously created a sophisticated dining area in their home. Within their living room we used pale grey paint for the walls, combined with a glossy white media centre, giving their traditional property a contemporary feel.

The room could have felt as though it was lacking colour, with its pale walls and whites. However, by using coloured LED lights installed in the TV unit, the couple are able to wash their walls with an array of colours, which can be brightened or dimmed to suit their mood.

With LED lights you can access a rainbow of colour without having to commit to paint, and you can change it with the push of a button to suit your every whim. Easy, right?

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