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Photographs taken by Joe Gardner Photography

View Hannah’s latest design collection at the stunning Kitchen and Bathroom showroom, Affordable & Stylish Interiors in Chorlton, Manchester.

Once an well-known domestic appliance store, on Barlow Moor Road, Chorlton, A&S has grown into a large interiors centre and are proud to introduce Hannah Barnes Designs’ brand new bedroom, kitchen and open-plan living space designs in the exclusive Interiors Lifestyle Section of their new showroom. Call Hannah for more information about the Lifestyle Showroom at Affordable & Stylish, or to arrange a visit, on 0800 652 8912 or 07733 392 196

Visit Hannah’s Showroom in Chorlton, and you’ll be able to wonder through the apartment-style showcase, feel the tactile textures of the soft furnishings, experience the style and function of the space, and enjoy a free cup of coffee whilst you chat to Hannah for advise on your current interior projects.

Hannah Barnes has also been a guest demonstrator at the Ideal Home Show in Manchester and Leeds for three years.  She provided inspirational tips and advice to visitors over the weekends, whilst dressing the Interior Designs Stage for Celebrity Designers, such as Anna Ryder Richardson and Linda Barker.  See our Exhibitions page for snapshots of these fantastic shows.